Lucy, I’m hooome!

Written by on 08.06.2011 | life, work
<div class=\"postavatar\">Lucy, I'm hooome!</div>

<div class=\"postavatar\"></div> It’s been a while since I’ve posted last. I don’t know if anyone actually reads my posts, so there’s that. A lot has happened. School is done, and I’m now a productive member of society again. I’m even paying rent! And a cable bill! Well, I’ve only paid them twice, because I just […]

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Time, she flies.

Written by on 10.06.2010 | stuff

Where is time going? It’s already almost the middle of June.  It feels like my birthday was just a couple of days ago.  Weird.  I’ve been working with NL for over a month now, and blew most of my last pay cheque on a black birthday Wii for myself along with the New Super Mario […]

Pagination Script I Used

Written by on 10.06.2010 | stuff

With thanks to Brenley Dueck from Brenelz Web Solutions, he linked me to the jQuery pagination script I actually ended up using.  It was SO easy to implement – it took longer to integrate it into the look of the site than it actually did to get it to work with the site – and […]

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Neat jQuery Pagination

Written by on 17.05.2010 | stuff

This looks like a really quick and simple way to implement jQuery pagination into a website. It’s going to take a little tweaking to see if I can get it working on one of my work projects, but that’s mostly because I didn’t code the original page and can’t recode it. Pajinate – jQuery Plugin […]