Well, the election went off relatively smoothly last night.

If you can call Canadians electing a Conservative minority government ‘relatively smoothly’.

As Canadians we sent a message to the Liberals that we don’t want to put up with their bull anymore. We don’t want to put up with their lies and scandals and disrespect for the general public anymore. I understand that. But Stephen Harper is a man that scares me.

There were a lot of things that were called issues flung about, and really, the Conservative’s stance on some of them scares me. They wanted to offer parents $1200 per year for child care. That’s not even $25 per week. Yes, I’m sure that’ll help some people, but I doubt child care costs less than $5/day. I don’t have a child of my own, but considering I know some people who pay their babysitters more than $5/hour, I don’t know if that’ll help at all.

They’re against decriminalizing marijuana. They’re against same sex marriage. There are issues with how they want to play with the taxes, and from what little I know (which is next to nothing), it would mostly be beneficial to the more wealthy of us. They’ve said they want to ‘fix’ our health care system, but haven’t said much of what they want to do to fix it. They want to join The National Missile Defense System one of Bush’s pet projects.

It’s rumoured that they want to send our troops into Iraq – and that’s one thing that really scares me.

My brother is in Canada’s Armed Forces, recently transferred to CFB Shilo into 2PPCLI last fall. So, yeah, I don’t want my brother to go to Iraq. He’s already been to Afghanistan twice. I don’t want him coming home in a body bag. Canada’s armed forces don’t recieve nearly the kind of money that the USArmy does, so their equipment and vehicles are older, outdated almost. So, yeah. I’m very much against the war in Iraq – too many brothers, sisters, children and parents have come home in body bags, or broken beyond repair to justify the invasion of that country.

Hopefully the Conservative government won’t last long. Paul Martin has said he’ll step down from the leadership fo the Canadian Liberal Party, so maybe they’ll get a better leader, and one that will help lead the party (and the country) to better times.

… I’ve been writing this while at work, so it’s not the most linear thinking of writings.

But I think it would be nice to have the NDP get a chance. 🙂

But that’s just me.