I originally wrote down ‘Welcome to Tuesday,’ so it’s possible to extrapolate how my day is going from that.

Last night was pretty much a write off for me trying to figure out how I want to start off a design for da Site.  I went to the mall to try and pick some glue for the manfriend’s new obsession (Games Workshop didn’t have any of the glue for the plastic models – come back later this week), and since I was in the mood for some retail therapy, I picked up the first season of Stargate SG-1.  I ended up watching the first disc last night, which pretty much took up the entire evening after dinner, etc.  Tonight will be a write off, since I’ve got an appointment at 7:00 and then am going over to hang out with the manfriend, since we haven’t seen each other since Sunday and he’s bummed out about his computer being totally and utterly hooped and nervous since the new term of classes started for him today.

Maybe tomorrow night after Sparks.  Or I might just watch more Stargate.

Also, I’m testing out to see how well Performancing works to post with WordPress 2.0, because apparently it does.

Okay.  Back to work because I’m a huge slacker.  Gah.