I’m working on the website for work, and I’m very much out of practice.

  • I’ve got Google AdWords and Google Analytics set up on the site. The Analytics side is easy peasy – a quick cut and paste of some code and there you go. The AdWords thing isn’t hard, really, I just need to figure out how to get our ratings higher and our keyword QualityScore better than what it is, because for the most part, it’s ‘Poor’. Not good. Impressions are okay, but the Click thru rate isn’t that shit hot. Need to work on that, too.
  • Have to get a couple of other ads set up and get things tweaked a bit to hopefully raise the QualityScore – more specific ads to go with more specific key words that will link to more specific pages.
  • The site is done in ColdFusion, and I don’t know ColdFusion at all. I vaguely remember PHP and ASP, but I’m so out of shape with them it’s scary. Luckily work should pick up the tab on a CF book. ColdFusion MX came out in 2002 ish, and I don’t think the website is that old.
  • I have no idea where the database that we’re pulling all of our stuff from is located. Other than emailing the guys who did the website design and programming of the back end, I .. yeah. I’m clueless as to how to figure out where it is. There’s a ‘db’ folder that I can FTP to, but it looks like all there is are a couple of back ups. Will have to get in touch with them to figure out where it is and the passwords, etc.
  • Once I figure out that, I guess I’m going to be adding some more things to the website, under the product description. Not a big deal, but again, that requires knowledge of a) where the database is and b) what kind of database it is (MS Access, SQL, MySQL, etc..). Stuff I don’t know.

I’m kind of geeking about this, because, well, this is what I eventually went to school for. If I can get some website programming in, that’ll make my days a lot less boring and my brain a lot less mushy. It’ll look good on my resume and if/when I go back to school, I think it’ll help me out. It’ll at least make me enjoy my job a bit more.

Hockey tonight. GO MELONS!