Here at the DayJob, they bought a scale for the shipping department which you can roll a skid up onto and weigh the entire loaded up and strapped down skid.  The theory behind this is more accurate shipping weights, and so the shipping clerk doesn’t have to weigh one item then play with a calculator to get the weight which may or may not be accurate, depending on the packaging weight.

So, yes.  New scale comes with a label printer which should be able to be set up with a template of our design to print out at least the weight of the skid (if not more info like skid x of y with x boxes/crates/whatever on it).

I’m having issues seeing if the machine and my computer are even talking to each other.  Yes, both pieces are on at the same time. 🙂  I’m going through the documentation provided to try and get instructions on the software and troubleshooting, but it’s seeming to be the most noninformative documentation that I’ve ever read.  I’m wondering if the software needs to be fully registered before I can do anything.  I emailed their customer service address for the registration code I need (like the software says) and the guy I got said to check the case the cd came in.  Well, if it was there, would I have really emailed you?  Honestly, I’m not stupid.

The documentation is horrible, like I said.  Trying to find out which media we’ll need to order is an exercise in futility.

Anyway. Should make it look like I’m working.  Looks like we’ve got an architect/designer in to work with the GM about remodeling the office.  Which will be nice and will probably mean I will get a whole new desk.

I went to the gym for the first time last night.  Played on one of the crosstrainers and then on the treadmills for about half an hour.  I think I’m going to be able to get into going.  I need to get myself a gym bag and make sure I bring it with me to work so I can hit the gym on the way home on nights I’m not working at Job2.  Am super tired today, though.  Probably should have gone straight to bed when I started falling asleep watching League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which I found on TV last night.

OH! And they fricken shot Garcia on Criminal Minds last night!!! WTH!!! ZOMG.  I love that character!

Okay, working.  People keep dropping things off on my desk for me to do.  Like really, what the hell? 🙂