<div class=\"postavatar\">Stupid people make my brain hurt</div>

So some random truck driver guy comes to our front door saying he’s here for a pick up.

Thing about our front door is that there’s two of them.  The heavy outermost door (going, well, outside), and then there’s the all glass door that swings in AND out to come into the main reception/office area.  The glass door has two little stickers one that says ‘PUSH’ the other that says ‘PULL’.  Imagine if you will the ‘PUSH’ sticker being on the side of the door facing outside, meaning that when you come in the first door, you should push the second door to get in.

We have a mat down between these two doors and if you try to pull the glass door to come in, it’ll get stuck on the carpet.  People tend to see the handle and pull instead of reading the sign and pushing.   I usually only have to say ‘Push the door!’ once before they figure out, and/or see the sign after it gets caught up on the carpet.

I’m sitting here at my desk and this driver tries to come in.  He keeps pulling the door getting it caught on the rug and then trying to squeeze through the small space the door has left open.  He finally looks up as I say “PUSH the door!” fairly loudly, after watching him for a couple of moments.  I’d said ‘Push!’ a few times before he tried to squeeze in, but he didn’t hear me.

People are STUPID.  I’m not sure why.