On Tuesday John Scalzi posted Ten (More) Things I’ve Done You Probably Haven’t.  Scalzi’s awesome.  You should read his books.  And his blog.  There are some really good lists in the comments – some really neat things.  These are mine:

  1. Forgotten everything I learned in post secondary. Which is why I’m planning on going back within the next 12 months. (I couldn’t code 2 lines of PHP without a reference if I had a gun held to my head.)
  2. Had my eyes pried open by a surgeon because my eyelids were gummed shut by that icky crusty stuff that your eyes make
  3. Spent most of the summers of my youth in Cochrane, Ontario, where my Dad grew up. I miss that place.
  4. Diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome after a sever allergic reaction to sulfa drugs. (in relation to #2)
  5. Spent almost 3 weeks in isolation in the burn ward at the Children’s Hospital as a result.
  6. Was a cute ass kid in a local pizza place commercial. What happened?
  7. Convinced, with the help of my friends, some Americans that us Canadians drove dog sleds year round and left our cars at the border. I was 15.
  8. Walked away from a car accident that totaled my car (she ran a red light, t-boned me, I hit the car in the lane beside me and almost went through an A&W) with only whiplash and back injuries. (That I’m still recovering from. Almost 5 years later.)
  9. Have a small collection of local crew roadie tour shirts from my Dad. Okay, it’s only three. Okay so one of them is Nickelback (sorry), but it says “Crew Are People Too” which makes me smile.
  10. Rode on a chair lift up and down a mountain a few times on a high school band trip (we went to Banff, Alberta to play then Lake Louise/Sunshine Village for the day), because I can’t ski. (Got kicked out of the beginner lessons once at a local hill because I couldn’t fall right.)