Christmas was good – lots of time spent with family, friends, and doing as little as possible.  For some reason, I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep, and ended up coming back to work feeling like I could have used another week off, but whatever.  I’ve slept better the past couple of nights, so I’m catching up on some of my sleep debt.  Ugh.  I hate sleep debt.

I’ve come to the realization that Hello Kitty BandAids don’t hold up well on cuts on your fingertips.  Especially when you’re typing as much as I do.

The phones have been quiet here since we’ve been back.  I’m sure a lot of companies have taken the rest of this week off and will be back en masse on Monday.  Which means, I’m sure, we’ll be getting a lot of phone calls and panicked customers going “OMG WTF WHERES MY STUFF BITCH?!” in assorted accents.

I’m still loving my new 22″ (okay so it’s only 21.6″ … this is one thing I won’t care about missing a quarter of an inch) monitor.  Installed the old DVD software that I forgot I’d had, and have been watching something on it almost every night.  (Mostly Stargate: SG1 season 3.  I loves me my SG1) Yay widescreen!

It’s Friday, so I’m hoping the afternoon is busier than this, because I’ve pretty much cleaned all the work off my desk that I’ve needed to do.  I guess I could work on the website … it’d be better if I hadn’t forgotten my books at home.  I’d taken them home with me over the break, thinking I would have had time or the inclination to work on the website over the break.

HA.  Like that was going to happen.

Oh well.  Back at ‘er!