<div class=\"postavatar\">Braaaaaaaaaaaains... I mean, uh, Fooooood....</div>

So, I’m still pissed off about my taxes thing.  (The whole ‘my accountant fucked up two numbers and I have to pay back $700 of the $800+ i recieved as a return last spring’ thing.)

Then there was a whole big blow up at Dreamhost (who host this lovely website/bloggy thing of mine) someone ran a script to clean up some accounts owing for the end of ’07.  I really think if people didn’t have automatic billing turned on, this wouldn’t have happened (or at least in such a big scale).  While I don’t neccesarily believe that Josh’s joking tone was quite appropriate for that blog post, it IS how he writes all of his blog posts and they DID explain what happened on that blog and the Status page quite quickly and told it plain.

I wasn’t affected like most of the others screaming and yelling, but that’s because I don’t have automatic billing turned on.  My payments are usually due on the 2nd of the month, which is a quite expensive time of the month for me.  Rent is due on the 1st, and my insurance payments come out on the 3rd.  Yes, my payments for hosting are only $9.95 USD/month, so it’s not that much, but there are times when I need to pay for gas right away and hosting payments can wait until later.  (Plus, I’m cranky with PayPal because they don’t directly send the payments through to Dreamhost anymore … it takes 7-10 days for it to get through to them.)

My site (and email) were down for a while, but since I’m writing this, things seem to be up and working fine.  I’m just hoping I didn’t loose too much email.  Which reminds me, I should send an quick email to the mailing list I host and ask people to resend anything they sent to the list yesterday.

So, yesterday I was super grumpy.  My mood got better, slowly, over the course of the day, and after I went to the gym, did a mile on the eliptical machine then an hour in the pool, I was feeling great!  Went out for coffee, was accepted into another celulite cream study earlier in the evening (woot!), and got some hang time with my Mom and some friends.

Today’s going to be sort of sucky, because I have a doctor’s appointment at 3:40pm, which I have to fast for because I’m going to get blood work done.  I called to see if I might be able to come in this morning to do the blood work and whatever required me to fast, but NOOO, they are fully booked today, and I have to see the doctor first so he can decide which tests he wants to run.

I call shenanigans.

So, we’ll see if I survive today.  If I don’t, well, nice knowing ya.