Email is working again – apparently there was an issue between the virus scanner and the linux box that is our mail server. It was hanging on an attachment or something. But all is fine now.

Apparently our internet issues (it kept dropping today and yesterday – I kept having to unplug the modem to reset it) stemmed from the fact that the hard line for the incoming DSL was FUBAR’d. Well, not quite FUBAR’d but it was in pretty bad shape, and due to cold and wet and all that lovely stuff, it decided that it didn’t want to work 100% of the time. MTS guy came in and (seemed to) fixed this issue for us so we should be back on the air! … Or something.

I’ve been trying to ignore a headache for most of the day, but I finally gave in and took some generic ibuprophen that we keep stocked in the first aid cabinets around the building. It’s helping a bit. I’d go see the chiropractor today, since I can totally feel it in my spine, but I don’t have time. Going to pick up Roomie #2, then we’re hitting the mall after work because she wanted to, then off to Best Buy to see if they have Criminal Minds Season 1 on for $20, like they had some Stargate: SG1 seasons on for $20 on Saturday. Then, I gotta rush home, get my stuff together and meet Mom at the gym for shortly after 7 ish. So much for a night off. OH. Have to see if I still have thoes boxes of unused Valentines at their place that I can use for the Brownies tomorrow.

Ugh. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow – first V-Day in a while where I haven’t had a sweetie to snuggle. Oh well. I’m going to be too damn busy to notice, I hope think.

Edit: Playing with the layout of the blog again. This is similar to the previous layout, but not as … dark. 🙂 Check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂