Apparently I’ve been driving around for who knows HOW long without any brake lights. WTF? I knew the one that is in my back window was out, but I didn’t know the other two were out as well! Yikes. Called the dealership yesterday and got in today, so we’ll see how much this (and an oil change) is going to cost me. Ick. I’m very glad I got my cheque from the CoOp the other day.

I’m pretty sure the brake lights being out is an electrical issue (a short in the wires or in the fuse) because a few weeks ago when someone slammed the trunk shut, the rear window light flickered on for a moment but then went out again, so I’m hoping it’ll be covered under warranty (or I just have to pay a couple of $$ to get the fuse replaced). There’s the oil change, then they told me last time I took my car in that I needed to get the bushings on the front sway bar replaced. So, I’m hoping that all of this will cost me less than $200, because that’s all I’ve got today. I get paid tomorrow, but … yeah. I’ve got rent coming out on the 1st, car insurance, my license, my loan payment and my RRSP payment all coming out on Monday.

Eek. I really wish money grew on trees and that I had one.

Edit: According to the service guys at the dealership it only was burnt out bulbs – they replaced them in all three lamps, and with the oil change and  apparently there was some warranty work to be done – the car maintenance bill today will come to an astonishing $70!!  WOO!  I’m happy!  Now, if I don’t stuff myself at Brownies tonight (we’re having a Thinking Day Pot Luck with the Guides), I’ll be going to the gym and today will be good! 🙂