So, one of the LJs I’ve friended has been posting super yummy recipes about sourdough breads and recipes he’s been making using a sourdough starter.  Some (okay, all) of the recipes look, like I said, super yummy and I’ve been dying to try one.  But, I don’t have a starter (or ‘shoggoth’ as he calls them).  I’ve found a few recipies and they look pretty easy to make.  I think, this weekend, if I have the time, I’m going to make this starter I found on The Food Network.

I’ll grab a 1 quart mason jar from my mom’s when I go to visit this weekend, which should serve well as a home for my shoggoth, I hope.  I really want to make this sourdough english muffin recipe.  Once I get confident in my shoggoth raising skills, I think maybe I’ll feed it whole wheat flour or at least use it in the recipes.  We’ll see.

YUM.  I’m kind of excited!