I’m getting sick of the local radio stations.

They all seem to be playing crap music at the same time or stupid commercials at the same time.  ALL OF THEM.  Boo.

This morning, though.  There was a two song combo I hit.  First song, on Power 97, “Sweet Child O’Mine” by Guns n’ Roses (which made me want to play Guitar Hero).  Second song, on Hot 103 which I flipped to because WnH were talking about the new Playboy that came out today, was “Informer” by Snow.  OMG!   I haven’t heard that song in AGES and it made me totally remember dancing around to it in Minneapolis when we went on our trip in Pathfinders.  That song is as intelligible now as it was back then. 🙂

I still want satellite radio, though.

Went to a social Saturday night, and spent way more money than I was planning to on a new outfit.  I was originally just going out to buy a pair of jeans, but ended up getting a super cute red top.  I’m kind of glad I got that stupid credit card in the mail the other day, because I probably wouldn’t have bought the top (and jeans and belt) if I hadn’t.   Have another social to go to this Saturday, and I’ll be wearing it then, too!  I don’t feel too bad about spending that money, because I haven’t spent a lot of money on new clothes for myself.  In the past month, I’ve spent more money on clothes for myself than I have in the past 6 months.  (New bathing suit, two tops, new dress shoes, jeans, belt.)  The size of jeans I bought:  an 18!  The two pairs I bought over the summer when I was in the states with M were 20-22, I think, and require a belt at all times (and even then I still have to hitch up my pants w/ the belt on).   So going to the gym is working!

I had xrays taken on my knee on Friday, so we’ll see if I’ve damaged myself in anyway, or if the knee pain is just the joint going “OMG! Please to be stop working out!!” or some junk.

Here’s to hoping my boss doesn’t take off for most of the afternoon trying to see if the lotto ticket he lost was the one that won the jackpot over the weekend.  (It wasn’t his ticket, but … yeah. DUMB)