<div class=\"postavatar\">Someone's got a case of the Mondays...</div>

Yeah, and that someone’s me.

Question:  If you’re not going to bother answering pages for phone calls, why the hell would you come into the office?  No one knows what you do all day, anyway.  If you’re not answering phone calls when people call specifically for you, wth man?

I’m a little cranky.

The long weekend was great – I actually had two whole days off!  Not in a row, mind you (Friday, and Sunday), but they were two whole days off!  Good Friday, everything was closed, so I hung out and watched Serenity and a disk and a half worth of Criminal Minds with Deena, then went to my parents for Easter dinner.  Mmm, turkey.  Yeah, I know you’re not supposed to eat meat on Good Friday (or some such), but it was yummy and my parents left for St. Louis, MO on o’ Dark Stupid Sunday morning.  Mmm, sacrilige.

Saturday I worked, and we had the entire Manitoba Moose team in the store for a couple of hours, signing autographs, and bagging groceries.  OMG, EYE CANDY.  I had #38, Greg Rallo helping me bag groceries.  He’s a cutie!  (Although now knowing that he’s younger than my brother… I’m a creepy old lady! Hee.)  It was a fun couple of hours.  The store was insane because the last shopping day before Easter is our busiest day of the year.  Which seems sort of odd to me, but whatever.

Dog sat Blazer, a chubby chocolate lab Saturday evening, and came home Sunday morning to hang out, finish reading a book I’d only got 10 pages into on Saturday night, then do some laundry and get more Criminal Minds watched.  We’re on Season 2, now! 🙂

I tried installing Geany under Ubuntu last night, after being reccomended it by a friend/co-worker, and was up until 11:30 before I quit and went to bed.  I downloaded Geany, tried to install it, found out I need to install GTK+ first.  Downloaded and tried to install that, and found out I needed like, four other things.  And for those four other things, I need another half a dozen packages to install.  Needless to say, I’m not to pleased.  I think I only need a couple more packages and then I’m good.  Who knows, though.

There’s a couple of people out of the office today, one’s sick, the other is taking a couple of days vacation, so it’s quiet.  There’s probably a lot of people across Canada that have today off as well, but I don’t think anyone in the US has Easter Monday off.  Not sure, though.  I don’t mind the phones being quiet, because (other than typing this up), I’ve been busy trying to cover for other people and get shit arranged to get shipped out.


Car lease is up not at the end of November/ beginning of December like I’ve been thinking and saying for the past few months, but it’s up January 14, 2009.  Which kind of sucks, but whatever.  If I’m going back to school in January, that’ll be okay.  I hope.  Plus, January = possible trip to the Dominican Repiblic for a cousins wedding.  I’ve never been anywhere before, so I’m hoping I can save up enough to go. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

I have to get my tax receipt redone for my RRSP contributions for 2007 (March-December), because they effed up, and included another RRSP that I have that was rolled over as a contribution.  I would have liked to have been able to claim over $3k in RRSP contributions for taxes (that would have garnered me an almost $800 tax return) but I don’t want it to come and bite me in the ass later.  Kind of like what happened last year.  I picked up UFile to do my taxes and it took me a grand total of about 30 minutes to do my taxes, and also a hell of a lot cheaper ($19.99 + 12% (or is it 13%?) taxes) than getting the accountant that fucked it up last year ($50).  Plus, if I fuck it up, then it’s my own damn fault.  But I checked it over with my Mom and it looks like everything’s on the level.

Look!  It’s almost time to run away for lunch.  YAY!  Forgot to bring a lunch today (despite the copious amounts of turkey and other leftovers in my fridge), but I have to run out anyway to deal with my RRSP tax receipt from the credit union.

To the Accident BatMobile! Accent!