I’m thinking there’s a lot of people that are on vacation because work has been absolutely dead this week. Phones, email, etc, just so absolutely quiet! It’s been crazy. And boring. Which sucks. I know the kids here are on spring break, but still!

Trying to keep an eye on Kerry Burtnyk (Team Manitoba) at the Tim Horton’s Brier. He’s 5-4, and has to win this draw (vs. Quebec) to make it into the semi finals. Right now, they’re in the 7th end and Burtnyk is up 4-3. From what I’ve been hearing & reading he’s been shooting like SHIT this week. Come on, man! Buck up and KICK ASS.

Bored, omg. Still feeling ugh-y from yesterday, with a bit of a headache threatening to claw out through my forehead if it gets worse. Not fun.

Girl Guide cookies arrive today, and I’m heading to pick up my 15 cases (that’s 360 boxes) and head to Brownies. I haven’t really planned anything to do tonight, which sucks. The last two meetings have gone so well! Sigh. I need to get more planning done.

Also going to install Ubuntu on my pc tonight… just have to change some of the partitions around and then redo it.  I installed it last night but had to bust up a logical drive for the swap for Ubuntu which left me with a wack load of space that I couldn’t do anything with because I’d already had four partitions.  Meh.  Hopefully it’ll work out better tonight.