I had a weird-ass dream last night involving a very young Tom Felton (like, Philosopher’s Stone young), me treating him like my younger brother or a cousin or something, shenanigans at a mall and various surrounding locations, and … yeah. It was weird.

But I slept like a rock last night, and am feeling good and productive today. So far anyway. Maybe this Friday won’t suck too much. 🙂

I got reimbursed for my new lenses yesterday – it was depositied into my account, and I quickly put it against the balance on my MasterCard. They actually covered the cost of my new magnetic clip-on frames, too! I got my eyes checked recently and instead of getting a new set of frames since I still like my ‘old’ ones, I just replaced the clip on that I’d lost last summer when Maria and I were in Fargo (Space Alien Cafe FTW!). I’m only out the cost of the exam, though it looks like they put the $90 for the new frames as the exam. Hmm. Hopefully they won’t be looking for $60 down the road. 🙂 (… Apparently I’ve still got $70 left to use on frames/contact lenses … Odd)

My eyes are being wacky today (and were yesterday, too), and not liking to be able to focus on anything. I’m probably dehydrated, so they’re cranky at me or something. I know I’m dehydrated because my lips are dry and I only had a can of Diet Pepsi yesterday. Me = Not Smart. I wasn’t feeling too hot yesterday kind of bleh, but I’m feeling much better today.

I work tomorrow evening and Sunday afternoon. An uncle is in town Sunday-Whenever for a conference, so I’ll get to see him Sunday night. Yay!

I’m sure there was something else I wanted to say, but … hey, look. My boss just came in, 2.5 hours late. And I’m sure he’ll only be here for an hour or two, because after being in Chicago for a conference for most of the week, he’s leaving for Vegas tonight and spending the next week in Vegas & California.

Whatever. He’s family, he can do whatever the hell he wants.