Nothing too interesting to report, but I can now see (better)! I had an appointment with my optometrist last week (which ran so late that I was late for the Part Time Job), but new lenses were ordered and they are now installed in my (old) frames. At $90/lens (I have astigmatism in both eyes and my prescription’s pretty bad), I thought it would be cheaper for me to just keep these frames, which I still like, and order another clip on. (Which the lady who ordered my lenses forgot to order along with my lenses. The clip on should be in tomorrow. I can wait one more day to see outside again.)

I stopped for a Slurpee on the way back. Iron Man cup FTW!

Ooh, lunch. brb.

I <3 Olive Garden’s fettuccini alfredo. So YUMMEH. I added some steak I’d cooked up on Saturday night to it, and YUM. OM NOM NOM.

I’ve got a headache going on, but it’s likely from the headband I’m wearing. They hit a pressure point behind my ears that is almost instant headache. It looks cute! I was thinking I might wear it on Saturday to my friend’s wedding (as it pretty much exactly matches one of the tops I’m thinking of wearing, but too much headache. Unless I can coerce my ‘date’ Stacy into driving then I can drink (if it’s open bar).

I was totally going somewhere else with this, but I forgot where it was. I got distracted by food. Oh well.

An uncle is in town for work, so I’m going to my folks place for dinner tonight. I’ve got my gym bag in the car with my swim suit and stuff (though I forgot my water bottle), so I really should get to the gym. I haven’t been since last Monday when I went swimming.

Okay, back to work. I do have a few things to try and clear off my desk today. Oooh. If I have time, maybe I should try and start my shoggoth (read: sourdough starter) tonight.