It’s Monday again, and once more, I worked all weekend.  Good thing?  I get paid for working.  Bad thing?  I get no weekend.  Good thing?  I can afford to eat.  Bad thing?  I’m a zombie come Monday morning.

The next couple of weeks are definelty going to be interesting, I think.  At the DayJob, our sales manager, engineering manager, and the customer service/shipping/vp (aka my boss) are all away at a conference for most of the week (Sales & Engineering guys get back Friday mid-afternoon).  My boss is gone for the next two weeks.  The conference this week, and then a family vacation in Vegas/California next week.  So, for the next four days, I get to wear three hats: Sales, Shipping/Customer Service, and my own.  Next week, I only have to wear two.  Which would be a good thing because I have a big head.  Seriously, my noggin is HUGE.  It’s hard to find cute hats that actually fit me properly.  Stupid big head.

Yes.  It’s going to be a busy week, I think.  But that’s okay, it’ll keep me from browsing Facebook and Livejournal all day.  (Except for today, when I’ve totally cleaned all my work off my desk by 2pm.)  I get to do order entry, print up packing slips for my shipping clerk, deal with some cranky customers (and possibly pass them off on the QA/Production mgr if they’re uber cranky), as well as my own stuff (which, admittedly, isn’t that much).  I’m hoping the cranky customer calls will be few (esp. since the three people most call for are out of the office), and I’m hoping that orders will be plentiful and shipping snafus few.  We’ll see.

Apparently I’m a fan of the parentheses today.  Hmm.

I applied for a new job last week, so please keep your fingers crossed for me.  It would be a good move for me, I think, but would temporarily postpone me going back to school.  The closing date is Friday, so I’ll be hoping for a call or email within the next two weeks.

Heading over to Alli’s tonight for a Passion Party.  We went to one for Stacy’s birthday, and it was quite hillarious.  Should be good times tonight, I think, and I hopefully won’t feel too guilty about skipping out on going to the gym.  I’ve been bad and haven’t been as often as I used to go, but I want to fix that.

Possibly TMI: I went back on the pill temporarily (yay prescription covered by my health insurance!), but I’ve stopped it again.  I forgot how moody it made me, so I think I’ll stay off it until I have a real reason (ie manfriend/sexual partner) to go back on again.  I really don’t like moody-depressed-tired-Manda.

I have no Girl Guide Cookies left to sell!!! </random>

Less than half an hour left!  WOO!  I should make like I’m doing some work. 🙂