Um. Yes. I’m wired on an iced capp I got from Tim Horton’s with/for breakfast so this’ll be totally random, have no flow whatsoever and if there is any segues? It’ll be a stretch to call ’em segues.

First thing: I’m moving back into my folks house at the end of July. Our lease is up July 31st, and we were planning on moving anyway. Plus, if I’m going back to school in January ’09, which it’s pretty much a 90% chance that I am, I won’t be working full time and don’t want to have to get a larger student loan to help cover rent as well as my tuition & books. I’ll have my tiny room back, which, since I have a bigger bed, I want to downsize and get rid of my giant desk and get a small computer desk, I need to go through the stuff I have at the apartment and get rid of a bunch of crap. Like clothes. I’ve got so many clothes that I can’t fit right now it’s not funny. BOO.

Second thing: I’m signed up with Alli and her cousin to take a Beginners Running course, starting at the end of June. I’m excited! I’ll also get properly fitted for running shoes, so hopefully they won’t cost me too much. Stupid funny sized feet. Either that or they’ll maybe let me pay in instalments so I don’t have to put it on the credit card I probably shouldn’t have. Hee.


…. Wow. I totally forgot about this entry. Um. It’s Thursday now, not Wednesday, and I’m definitely not feeling as good today as I was yesterday. A general feeling of Ick most likely brought on by the fact I haven’t been asleep before 11pm this week. I’m a wimp and need my approximately 8 hours of sleep if my heath is not going to crash. Last night I didn’t fall asleep until after midnight sometime. My alarm went off at 6 am, so… yeah. < 6 hours of sleep isn’t good. Tummy is icky and my throat is feeling raw. I was planning on biking to Brownies tonight (which is not actually Brownies, but a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser put on by the Guide & Pathfinder units that I invited to share our space after they got kicked out of theirs), but I’m not sure anymore.

I should bike to the meeting (honestly, it’s not that far from my home), because I haven’t been to the gym in ages and I’ll be nomming on yummy pasghetti, and, apparently, brownie sundaes for desert. Mmm, calories.

I’m still excited to start the running class with Alli & Colleen, but less bouncy about it today.

I’m bad and buying my lunch today. Bought breakfast too, (same as yesterday) because I have no cereal and didn’t make my lunch last night and didn’t have the time (or energy) to make it this morning.

Wah. Stupid throat. Maybe I’ll skip the dinner and just stay home, watch Criminal Minds from last night and go to bed super early. No, I really should go, because I’ve got permission slips and junk for my Brownie parents for Camp in a couple of weeks, and I want to see all parents before we start next week’s meeting so we can chat about the camp.

Okay, lunch time, I hope.