<div class=\"postavatar\">I've got too much crap.</div>

Way too much stuff.  Did I even look at this junk before I packed it all up the first time?  I don’t think so.

I move this week.  The DayJob is on shutdown this week, which is great, because then I’m not stressing out nearly as much as I would be if I had to work.  I’ve been going through all my papers and crap that I have before repacking/reorganizing it in preparation for the move.  I’m not sure how much friend-help we’ll be getting because we’re out on Thursday and D’s into her new place on Friday.  I’m hoping to have all my big stuff gone by Wednesday night at the latest.

Yeah.  I’ve got way too much crap.  I’m not sure where I’m going to be putting it all.  I’ve gotten rid of a metric buttload of clothes that don’t fit any more.  I’ve already dumped a giant box full of papers (mostly notes from when I was in university?!?!) into the recycle bins.  I still have a bunch of crap to go through and pack.

The thing that’s really confusing me: I’ve got two cd’s that are missing their cases, and I’ve got three cases that are missing cds.  Plus, I’m missing at least one CD set (Les Miserables 10 year anniversary concert double CD set), which I’m not too happy about.  I found a Rascal Flats cd mixed in with mine – the cd not the case, which would belong to the roommate that’s already moved out.

I’ve found my old student IDs from Red River College and the UofM.  Both pictures make me laugh – SO FUNNY OMG.  Hee.

Um.  Yes.

I’ve done a bunch of running around today.  Chiropractor appointment first thing this morning, then I went over to my parents place (home of my soon to be mine again room), helped my dad set up my new Ikea desk (ZOMGIKEAYAY!), came home and had lunch with M (and organized/packed my cds), then picked up D, took her to get her ‘scrip filled then to work.  Got an oil change and came home.  Laundry is in the wash, and I think I might go down and make me some dinner. YUM.  I <3 food.  Tonight is more sorting/packing/etc-ing.

I wish I could wiggle my nose and everything be done.

I’m excited that I get two long weekends in a row – Monday is a holiday, and then I’m also taking the Friday off to go down to Red Lake Falls for tubing.  The sites are booked, and my ride is arranged. SO MUCH FUN TO BE HAD YAY! 🙂  Plus plus also and – SHOPPING.  YAY!