<div class=\"postavatar\">It's the gub'ment!</div>

So, apparently Grand Master Stephen Harper went to see the Govenor General on Sunday morning, had Parliament dissolved and we, the Canadian People get to go and vote for our next Grand Master (I mean, Prime Minister) on Tuesday, October 14th.

There are a bunch of commercials on, showing Harper in a nice (but expensively furnished) sitting room, in front of a fireplace, talking about family and being all soft and trying to appeal to the middle class female (supposedly) voters.

I’m sorry, but NO.  I can’t really thing of any other word to describe him, but he’s a great big fat douche.

I just … NO.  Even if we get another minority government, please let it be not the Conservatives that get it.  NDP, Green, hell, I’d be happy with a Liberal minority government.  Who cares if Stephane Dion has issues with his english – most people i know have issues with English and it’s their primary language.

Anyway.  Yes.

Work is going.  A new position was applied for.  I have to call the college back to find out what’s going on with my application, since it’s been over a month, and besides that call I received a week after asking about testing.  Nada.  So, I know they’ve received it, that call and the $60 charge went through on my credit card, so… yeah.  I called back earlier this morning and their computer systems were down for about 20 minutes, so I have to call back later.  Should probably wait until the bosses are gone for lunch, but … really. Who cares?

Dragon Boat races were this past weekend – our women’s boat came in 4th out of all the women’s boats, so that’s pretty cool.  It was DAMN cold, and it took me forever to warm up after our final race on Sunday morning.

I’m tired and stressing out about everything and nothing.  It sucks.  I haven’t been sleeping well lately, and I’ve had no energy and it really sucks.  I’m wondering if I should start getting up early and going to the gym before work like my parents do.

I’m making Mom take me out to the driving range sometime before next Thursday, because apparently, work is having a bit of a best ball golf tourney next Thursday afternoon.  Of course, that was the day I was planning on starting my Brownie unit, so I think I might be pushing it back a week, or maybe I’ll just have a short, later-starting meeting that night.  I’m not sure.  I’ll have to talk with Dawn about it.  Our First meeting is never usually the full hour and a half anyway.

Blah. I hate being stressed out.  I want to go back to school – I’m so envious of everyone that’s back there. 🙁