V. tired.  Still not King skinny fit/in shape independantly wealthy.  I’ve been to the gym for (around) 6 am every day this week so far, except Monday, because the water was off and I wasn’t going to the gym then coming to work unshowered.

5:30 am is way too damn early.  The past two days I’ve been leaving home when it’s dark and getting home when it’s dark, too.  TF, man?  Got to the gym this morning early before they opened the doors and then realized I’d left my water bottle at home.  Called Dad, who would have been leaving soon to come to the gym anyway and asked pretty please for him to fill it and bring it with.  Then got up to the locker room and realized I’d left my shoes in the car.  TF MORNING.  I swear I was still asleep until about 10 minutes into my abbreviated 20 minutes on the cross trainer.  Stupid mornings.

Still not King Queen.

I’ve got more shifts in the next three weeks than I’ve had in the past two years.  I don’t NEED all these shifts now, kthx Cara.  Yeah, I’m saving up to go on my trip/back to school, but DUDE. I pay much less rent now than I did before and don’t have to buy groceries either.  The only reason I’m still working at the store is because I’ll need some sort of job when I quit the Day Job and go back to school.

Which reminds me, I have to go and pay sometime soon for the aptitude test I have to take.

Disclaimer before I start the next story: If you know my exBoy R in real life, please don’t mention any of this to him.  It’s not like it’s a big thing, but I’m sure if you don’t already know, he’ll want to mention it in his own time.

The ExBoy R called me on Sunday night and left a message on my cell.  Phone was in my room while I was not.  The Italian Job was on Bravo (yay not censored language!), so I was watching the pretty pretty that is Mark Whalberg and Jason Statham.  Anyway.  He says to call him back.  It’s 10:30pm so I send a txt to see if he’s awake.  No reply so I go to bed.  I call Monday evening after hockey, and get no answer, so I leave him a message.  He calls me while I’m at work Tuesday night, so I call him after and find out what’s going on.  Last time he left a message like that, his aunt passed away.

Apparently, he’s just started seeing someone a week or so ago, and wanted to let me know before I found out from one of our mutual friends.  I was slightly surprised, but am happy for him, and appreciate him telling me himself and not finding out from someone else.

Thing is, I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I’m glad for him because apparently he’s been asking different girls out for a while (whatever), and he deserves to be happy.  I’m not upset or anything, but … it feels sort of weird, I guess.  The only thing I can pin it down to is the fact that since we do have a few good friends in common (our best friends are married), we do see each other pretty often and I don’t want a big group thing to get weird.  New Years Eve is my best friend’s birthday and since she’s married to his best friend, there’s parties and shenanigans and I’m sure he’ll be there with her.  So.  Yeah.  I don’t want things to be weird because I don’t want to loose his friendship, because I still care about him.

It’s totally weird and totally strange and WTF Brain!!!?!

In other, less weird related news, I have more Brownies than I know what to do with.  I’ve got two more that I didn’t know about registering tonight, and HOLY SHIT I’m totally overwhelmed, and we’ve only had one meeting.

Last year I had 6 girls.  This year I have at least 12, if not 14.  HOLY SHITWTFBBQ?!?!?!?!??!  I mean, yeah, it’s great that I have a lot of girls because we can do a hell of a lot more with 14 than with 6, but OMG.  I can’t handle that many kids right now!!!  </freakout>

… I should probably do some, you know, work.  Since I’m here and all.