I love Criminal Minds, and I loves me some Agent Dr. Spencer Reid The Super Computer.  I absolutely geek out that he figured out a cypher by hand rather than on a computer because it was FASTER.

Ordered stuff from Sock Dreams today, because the pay from the part time jorb was a lot bigger than I was expecting.  Which is fine with me, that’s fo’ sho’.  Two pairs of socks (KNEE HIGH MONKEYS! and SKULLS), two pairs of fingerless gloves and one pair of wrist warmers (purple!).  So excited for the warm hands.

They have a pair of socks that are almost bang on to what the Joker wears in The Dark Knight and it’s very tempting to get a pair.

Um.  I really should stop looking around the site, else I’m going to want to make another order.

I’m totally blaming whoever orignally linked me there because it’s ALL YOUR FAULT.

… And we’re working!