<div class=\"postavatar\">Happy Wednesday!</div>

Five more days.  I can’t wait for next Tuesday. 🙂

I’m busy working with the New Not Me, training her, and also training the person who’s taking on part of my job by printing up test reports for some of the items that get shipped out with them.  So, I’m going back and forth.

I don’t think the new girl will last.  If she’s still here in 6 months, I’ll sort of be surprised.  Her phone ettiquette sucks, and even though she answers ‘yes’ when I ask if she understands something I just explained, I’m not sure if she really does.  Plus, she’s kind of … odd.

Maybe that’s just me, though.

I have to do some ‘roleplaying’ with her this afternoon on the phones to try and get her more comfortable with using the phones.  She’s super quiet when she pages, so she needs to get a little more louder and clearer.  She does have a bit of an accent, which makes it even more imparitive that she enounciates.

Does anyone have any experience with Yahoo’s version of Google AdWords?  I just created an account for the company, because the GM was all freaking out (apparently) that we were far down the list when you typed our company name in at yahoo.com.  It looks to be the exact same layout as AdWords, so, other than the budget and costs per clicks and all that, it looks like I’ll be just copying things over from AdWords to Yahoo.

On a completely un-work related note, I get to hang out with my BFF and another friend tonight.  We’re going to have dinner and then watch a movie at the friend’s house.  I’m excited!! It’s going to be fun! 🙂  Plus, food, and girlie time?

I got a hair cut last night, and am totally loving it.  It’s just above my shoulders now and is just… cute.  It’s going to be super easy on me in the morings – wash and wear.  I should be able to curl it up if I want, or straighten it, too.  Eee, hair!

Before the haircut, I had an appointment at the credit union to sign the papers for my car loan, and also to get the paperwork going so I can withdraw the money I need for my tuition and some books from my RRSPs.  So, by Friday, I should be getting $2000 into one of my accounts, and then I can run over to the college on Monday next week to pay the bill and maybe buy some of my books (if I’m lucky).  (OH! Book lists are FINALLY posted on the bookstore’s website! YAY!  I think I’ll have to head down to the satellite campus and see if I can buy some books on Monday.  I don’t think I’m lucky enough to be able to grab my books from the main campus bookstore which is a 30 second drive from work.)

Um.  Hungry. Getting distracted by hunger.  Hurry up Boy and come back from your appointment so I can EAT!

… That was random.