Well, this is week two!  I have officially survived the first week of school.  It’s been fun, so far.  Well, not fun, but I haven’t had to panic about any assignments or anything yet.  I’m writing this in my last class of the day on Tuesday which, theoretically, is supposed to go until 5pm.  Ugh.  This is the long day, which kind of sucks.  Every day my classes start at 8am, which, okay.  Early, but it’s not 7am.  I have two classes until 11am and then a three hour spare until a two hour Java/programming class at 2, followed by Intro to Business Communications.

LONG day.

Thursdays are great because I’m done at 2pm.  WOOHOO.

I just realized that I probably mentioned that stuff about my schedule before.  Oh well.  I blame my broken brain.

I headed over to the mall and wandered around to try and find a replacement for the uber-warm but hurty boots I returned on Friday and actually managed to find a pair that I liked that someone had in my size (Yay for The Bay!) and that were HALF PRICE.  Me = AWESOME.  Then I went for lunch with Sandi, and came back to school making it just in time for class.

Woo.  Holy BALLS it’s cold outside.  I swear, if God had balls they’d be frozen solid and would have fallen off it’s so damn cold outside.

But, at least, my feet will be warm.