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So, it’s March 31, and exams start April 24.

That means, after today, there is 15 more days of class.  April 10 is Good Friday (No Classes), April 13 is Easter Monday (No Classes).

I have 7 exams between April 24 and May 1.  Saturday and Sunday are not included in that time.

I have a group project to present to class on Friday, which I am doing by myself, since the other two guys in my preassigned group dropped out.  I have a research paper due Friday which I still have to finish researching and write.  I have a chapter test tomorrow morning.  I have a programming assignment due Monday afternoon that I haven’t even started.  I have 3 Brownie meetings to plan.  I have to work.  I am house sitting over the long weekend.  They don’t have wifi, so I won’t be distracted (as much) by the Interwebs.  Only the Satellite TV.

To say I’m freaking out is a little bit of an understatment.  I’m fairly calm right now, but as it gets into April, I’m sure I’m going to start snapping on people, so I hope they forgive me if I do.

Right now the only bright thing in my life was the fact I blew off school work to go to and hang out with some great friends at another  friend’s social on Saturday and ended up winning an 8 gig iPod Touch, some SWEET JBL headphones, and A/V Component cables for the iPod.  Oh, and I’m going to the NKOTB concert April 9th.  SO MUCH CHEESE, OMG.

I picked up the Watchmen TPB over the weekend.

I have to go out and buy a dress shirt that will go with my new vest (and possibly the pants that go with, too) so I have a nice ‘business-like’ attire for my presentation on Friday morning.

I have to get my resume fixed up and go apply for a couple of jobs.

I can’t not sleep, I can’t not work.  The next month is going to be HELL and this is only my first term.  Eep.