Over the weekend, the second generation iPod touch I won at a social a few months ago died.  Not sure what happened, but I was playing Sims 3 on it before bed Friday night, and when I woke up Saturday morning and tried to turn it on so I could listen to it in the car, it wouldn’t turn on.  All I got was the Apple logo, and the iPod got really warm.

So, I went to Apple’s site and went through their troubleshooting steps.  Which didn’t work, by the way.  So I filled out the service request form on the site and they said they’d be in contact with me in a couple of business days.  So, yay.

Today, a FedEx guy comes to the door and drops off a box for me.  Not remembering ordering anything that would come by FedEx, I find out it’s how I’m sending my iPod back to Apple.  On the box – a preprinted shipping label.  Inside the box, foam with a cut out roughly the shape of an iPod touch, a baggie to put it in and, this is what’s blowing my mind – pre-cut PACKING TAPE TO TAPE THE BOX SHUT.

Holy crap.  My iPod is packed up, so I should probably get showered and dressed and stuff, and get this to FedEx so I can get my iPod back!