Welcome to September 3, people.

It is day three of class for fall term, my second attended day of classes (I was sick yesterday, boo), and my second term. Scary thing: after this fall term, then winter term, I have my co-op term over the summer. Then one term after that, and I’m done!! Holy crap. 🙂

I’m actually not working with my Brownie unit this year, so that will also free up some time.  I am so relieved that I get to take a break this year.  I was burning out a bit, I think.  But anyone who wants cookies, let me know.  I have an in. 🙂

The Cancercare Dragonboat festival is next weekend, yay! I was going to be steersperson, but I changed my mind. I was not comfortable during the first practice trying to steer us. We almost ran aground. Oops. I’ll stay as a paddler.

School: My schedule is actually not to bad this term.  I only have two 8 am starts, the rest are 9 am classes.  I’m out early again on Thursday (3pm), late on Tuesday (5pm), and 4pm the rest of the week.  I’ve got 6 classes again:

  • Database Management
  • Network Administration
  • Analysis and Design Methods 1
  • Progamming (.NET Introduction)
  • Web Development
  • Programming (Advanced Java)

It’s going to be a heavy term, I think, but at least I don’t have to deal with Accounting (that comes back to haunt me next term), Economics or Business Communication.  Yay. 🙂

I’m glad I’m back at school.  The summer went by way too fast, even though I was an underemployed student. Oh well.

Okay. DBMS class. I should pay attention. 🙂

eta: Oops. Typo. Welcome doesn’t start with a ‘D’.