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So midterms started yesterday.

My ‘worst’ exam – the one I was stressing the most about – was first.  It’s done.  I’m hoping I passed, especially since it’s worth 40% of my final mark.  Meep.  I just couldn’t study over the weekend.  It was HORRIBLE.

I’ve got .Net today at 1pm, which should be easypeasy.  It’s an open book exam, and we only have two and a half hours to write a program, so it’s not going to be uber complicated.  Yay!

Advanced Java is tomorrow afternoon.  I think I remember him saying something about us being supplied a ‘cheat sheet’ for the exam. As far as I know it’s a pen-and-paper exam, so we’ll see how that goes, I guess.

Thursday is my icky day: DBMS at 8:30 and then Network Computing (the Novell half – ugh, Novell sucks) at 2pm.  The SQL stuff for DBMS is no problem – just simple selects and table creation, no big.  It’s the table normalization stuff that I know I can do, I just can’t explain why/how I do it.  That’s what’s got me on assignments for this class, and what will probably get me on the exam.  We’ll see now Networking goes.

Friday is going to be a ‘no brainer’ type day, because it’s our Web Development exam.  It shouldn’t be too difficult, especially since I’ve done that before.  XHTML and CSS.  No big deal. 🙂  Just as long as we don’t have to remember the complete doctype tags at the top of the page.

Friday, apparently, there are a couple of us going to Speedworld after our exam.  Zoom zoom! 🙂

I should start doing a bit of last minute .Net studying, else get some Java studied for tomorrow.  Studying, apparently, is good! 🙂