Wow! Its October 2nd, and we’re a week away from the Thanksgiving Long Weekend, which itself is a week away from midterm exams.

How the hell is it time for midterms already? Didn’t we just get back to class after a too short summer with crappy weather? I remember summer lasting so much longer when I was a kid. Now, you blink and it’s gone.

School is going okay. All technical classes this term, and even though I’m still only technically in my first year still, the workload seems to be that much more heavy than it was last term. You have no idea how glad I am that I was able to drop Girl Guides this year. I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I had to still do that on top of school, work, and hockey. And then I would be insane, which wouldn’t be a good thing.

Life is crazy, and I’m just along for the ride. It seems all of my married friends are expecting, so next year is going to be a busy year for babies! I’m excited. Babies are cute.

iPod just shuffled to two Pearl Jam songs. Yay! Spin the Black Circle and then Porch. NICE.

I miss my friends. There is a social tomorrow night, so I’m hoping I can get enough work done tonight (around SG:U!!!!) that I can justify taking tomorrow night off homework. Or I will anyway, but I do need to get a good start on my Java project that is due on Wednesday.

Ugh. Long bus ride. I dislike taking the bus home during non-peak hours. It takes twice as long as the express does and just takes soooo long. Blah. It is cheaper than me taking my car to school everyday, though. I’m just whiny.

LOL wah wah wah! I’m a whiny baby!

Anyway. Not too far now. Maybe I’ll have a nap and listen to music and try to ignore the guy’s elbow in the back of my neck.