Where is time going?

It’s already almost the middle of June.  It feels like my birthday was just a couple of days ago.  Weird.  I’ve been working with NL for over a month now, and blew most of my last pay cheque on a black birthday Wii for myself along with the New Super Mario Brothers Wii.  It’s so fun.  I haven’t had much chance to play yet, but I will.  There are a few other games I want to get, but I need to wait for more money.  Black birthday Wii is shiny.

I love working here – everyone is so nice, and I’m working with great people.  I really hope I can come back in January, when I’m done school.  If I had accepted one of the other positions I was offered (over 7 interviews I was offered 4 of those), I wouldn’t be working with these people, I wouldn’t be getting the opportunities I am and I wouldn’t be playing ball hockey in the parking lot at lunch on Fridays.  Our team is in first place, I think.  Our last game is tomorrow, and then playoffs start next week.  I have a feeling we’re going to win the competition this year, which is good, because there’s been one department that has won it the past few years.

I’ve been offered freelance web development opportunities.  (I really need to do more PHP reading SOON.)  I’m heading up the group of summer students to run a couple of staff lunch barbeques over the next couple of months.  Next Thursday evening is an Open House BBQ that’s being run and the students are helping out with.  It’s going to be huge.

NL moved to their new building in October/November ’09, and this is their chance to invite all of the employee’s families here to see the new digs, as well as invite some of the people who worked on the transforming the building from the warehouse it was to the gorgeous office it is.

The Student BBQs are going to be a lot of work, but I think that I’ve got a good, eager group to work with.  I also have a huge stack of papers from BBQs Past, so that will help.

I still can’t believe it’s the middle of June.  Time has just been flying by.  I know I keep saying it, but really.  It’s crazy.

I’ve got another BBQ/possible pool party with my friends from school this weekend, which should be a gong show.  It’ll be fun, I think.  Possibly kind of crazy.  We’ll see how it goes.

Next week is going to be a fairly busy one – the open house barbeque, two (or is it three?) ball hockey games, taking my car for a very overdue oil change, and a really long Friday.  I agreed to close at the Part Time Jorb on Friday, so after working here from 8:30-5pm, I’ll be there from 6pm-12:30am Saturday.  I will need a lot of caffeine to survive that day – if anyone feels like dropping by with an iced cap from Timmy’s about 7:30-8, I’ll be a happy Manda.

It’s the ex’s birthday today.  I sent him a text, so we’ll see if he even replies.

I’m so looking forward to my appointment with my optometrist in a couple of weeks.  I’ll get my prescription updated (it’s been ages!) and then order some glasses from Zenni Optical. I’m so looking forward to having multiple choices!  I’m so dorking out and getting a pair of big assed aviator sunglasses.

Okay, work.  I should work on some stuff before heading home.