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It’s been a while since I’ve posted last. I don’t know if anyone actually reads my posts, so there’s that.

A lot has happened. School is done, and I’m now a productive member of society again. I’m even paying rent! And a cable bill!

Well, I’ve only paid them twice, because I just moved into my own place at the end of April. I still have half-unpacked boxes all over the place, but I love it. It will seem more spacious once I get a storage unit on my floor at the end of the month, and with the way that time has been flying lately, it won’t be too long. Then it will be house-party time!

Well, we’ll see about that. (Which reminds me, oddly enough, that I have to call Shaw and see if someone can come by and fix my phone line so my buzzer works.)

Work is going really well. I started right after the Christmas/New Years break, and have passed my probation period. I’m stoked to have benefits again. Really good benefits. I’m working as a web developer, and I need to do more development stuff on my own time so I don’t forget things. I’ve got a couple of projects that should start up soon, one of which is a paid gig, which is good. The paid gig was just for some code clean up, but I think I’ve pretty much talked him into letting me redevelop his site.

… This isn’t much of a “hey, I’m back!” post, but it’s all I’ve got in the couple of minutes I can manage to squeeze in at work. 🙂